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No matter how much space you have in your home, business or classroom, we can help you put it to good use by creating an organized space that works for you. Here’s how to start the process!

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We help clients across a broad range of organizational needs. If you don’t see your particular need addressed here, that’s okay! Please feel free to reach out and we’ll discuss your organization needs and goals.


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    As I sat among the mountains of boxes in our new house, I felt immobilized. We had just moved from our home of 35 years and it was overwhelming. Then a thought came to me about someone that helped my daughter-in-law organize her home! After getting her number, I called Sheila of Clutter Controllers and what an angel! She unpacked all my boxes, sorted, organized and found a place for everything! She was so efficient and always with a smile and cheerful attitude and a reasonable price! It made me think of “Bewitched” with a twitch of the nose and she was done. Thank you so, so much Sheila for all your hard work and for rescuing a lady in distress.


      Sheila rolled up her sleeves to help us when we needed to get our house ready to sell! We needed very special help and she was flexible and understood directions and did a GREAT job! She used creative problem solving to get the job done! We HIGHLY recommend her services!


        As a rule, very few services can truly be called “life changing”. The exception to that rule is Clutter Controllers and their conscientious and storage-savvy owner/manager Sheila Taylor. Downsizing from a three bedroom house to a townhome is anything but easy. Clutter Controllers helped unpack close to 50 boxes in the course of eight hours, following a free, one-hour consultation earlier in the week where they explained their “best practices”. Not only did they organize bedroom, bath, and wardrobe (plus kitchen) with helpful tips on optimizing shelf and drawer space but clearly labeled under counter storage bins. What’s more, Clutter Controllers was familiar with worthy causes and local foundations so items that might have been discarded could be donated for good use. The company even donated a foldable bookcase to us that we could use in a storage closet from their free, as-needed resource collection. Highly recommended!


          Amazing! Sheila is accommodating, friendly and efficient. Once we discussed my goals, she had no problem taking charge and digging in. She had ways of organizing that never would have crossed my mind! Additionally, she empowered me to let go of items that were just taking up space. Will absolutely be having her come back for my next project.


            I had a clear goal in mind: to declutter my 4,500 square foot home and prepare for a move to Eastern Washington. What I didn’t have was a plan; and I felt overwhelmed by the amount of work that needed to be done. So I interviewed home organizers and chose Sheila with Clutter Controllers to help me meet my goal. We worked together room by room, to rid my home of broken, useless and unnecessary items. The great part is that I didn’t have to worry about transporting donations, because Sheila carted them away for me. No muss, no fuss! I am extremely pleased with Sheila’s organizing services, and would highly recommend her to my family and friends. Not only did I end up with an organized home, I also received many side benefits regarding my intrastate move. I saved money because the movers now had less items to pack and move, my move ran smoother and easier since I was already organized, and unpacking was easier as well. Hiring Sheila with Clutter Controllers was one of my best decisions!


              They say there are angels among us, and after hiring Clutter Controllers, I have no doubt. I was in need of nothing less than a divine intervention when I approached my laundry room in an attempt to clean and organize. I soon realized I needed help, and I was completely overwhelmed with the task in front of me. Enter Sheila, the owner of Clutter Controllers. I immediately knew I had made the right choice. I felt as though I had a trusted family member in my home helping me make my way through the piles of clutter. I admit to being embarrassed at how I had let things accumulate, but I was never judged, only encouraged and offered helpful advice. She got right to work, bins and bags in hand, sorting, prioritizing, and in short order, my laundry room was in order. She finished when she said she would, charged what she said she would, and as promised, left me with a laundry room transformed into an organized work space.


                Where would I be without Sheila and her passion for organization? I’d still be standing at my chaotic pantry, trying to cook dinner and searching in vain for that one ingredient hidden behind a cluttered jumble of cans and boxes. Sheila came into my home, without any judgment, and efficiently organized both my bedroom closet and my kitchen pantry. What’s more, she taught me the skills I need to maintain my new organized system, so that I can continue to benefit from her help after she is gone. More than just organizing, Sheila implemented systems (storage containers, sorting tools, etc.) that I can use to keep these areas clutter free. I highly recommend Clutter Controllers for any of your organizational needs, and I will not hesitate to contract Sheila again for other projects in my home. Thank you, Clutter Controllers!


                  It truly was a joy to work with Sheila from Clutter Controllers. She is very calm, willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, AND very efficient. What seemed to be an impossible task, organizing a downstairs craft room, was accomplished in just days. I had ONLY been working on it fitfully for years. I would highly recommend Clutter Controllers for your next dream job. You know your dream of getting it accomplished, but don’t know how. Clutter Controllers has the know-how.


                    Sheila is very professional in all that she does. She did an excellent job all the way around from the moment we met until the job was completed. She took a lot of burden off my shoulders in organizing my sewing room. It would have taken me days but only one day for her expertise. Thank you, Sheila, for making my sewing room a joy to spend so much of my time.


                      7 boxes of pattern blocks, 103 decks of playing cards and 11 giant foam dice…and wait there’s more! Who treasures those items? If you’re a kindergarten teacher, you do! I’ve been teaching for about 20 years and recently moved from a classroom I had taught in for 13 years. I knew I needed to purge and organize materials. With the new school year starting, new curriculum and materials, I was overwhelmed just by the thought of it. That’s where Sheila from Clutter Controllers came in to save the day! She met with me and we talked about storage containers, use of material and even traffic paths to materials. We worked together; my materials are organized in a way that I am able to quickly gather needed materials. Everything is labeled and organized (in ABC order); even my students can access items quickly. Having the needed materials at my fingertips for my kindergarteners gives me more time for instruction. Thank you Clutter Controllers for organizing my “kindergarten chaos” into materials that are used daily!


                        Sheila from Clutter Controllers helped us organize MIL's belongings which were cluttering the garage and family room and seemed like a monumental task. Sheila worked very hard sorting the contents of many old boxes, some of which had not been opened in decades (a few had been contaminated by rodent droppings), re-boxing and labeling the contents. Sheila and her helper moved many boxes from the family room to the garage as well as disposing of contaminated trash and donated items. With Sheila's consultation and advice we ordered overhead garage racks and heavy duty shelving to store the belongings. Sheila arranged for the installation and once done she moved the boxes up to the racks and on to the shelves. She did an amazing job! Our garage looks so clean and tidy and all of the belongings are organized and out of the way. I highly recommend her; she is hard-working and understands how to dig into a huge job with great persistence. Her vision of what our garage could look like was spot on and we are very grateful for her help and the final product.


                          Clutter Controllers was just the help I needed unpacking and organizing from my move! Thank you so much and the house looks great!Sheila knows everyone and everything around here and helped me sort out who to ask for help and where to take the extra stuff to clear it out. She even found someone to take all my extra moving boxes.


                            I visited Sheila at her booth during the Kitsap Home & Garden Expo and was immediately impressed by her knowledge and professionalism. I hired her shortly after our consult to organize my garage, and I was not disappointed! She came ready to tackle our clutter and even had an extra storage rack installed. Sheila also designed an ingenious way to hang our yard tools so they were more easily accessible! If you are in need of someone to help solve your organizational problems, I highly recommend Sheila Taylor with Clutter Controllers.


                              I have always been organized when it comes to my daily schedule and to-do list, but somehow the direct sales items for my business were always in disorder. I needed help so I called in a professional, Sheila with Clutter Controllers. She was able to organize my closet, armoire and files so that like items were conveniently together. Sheila also organized my files, catalogs and hostess information, which increased my efficiency and my ability to respond quickly to hostess and customer concerns and orders. I love my new organized space!


                                I have a real love/hate relationship with the storage in our house. I love the big, deep closets & cabinets. But I really have a problem with not being able to find anything in them. All kinds of things go into my cabinets never to be heard from again. So frustrating!! The worst offenders are the linen closet & cabinets in our master bath. Since we couldn’t find anything in the cabinets, we would keep the stuff we use regularly on the counter, around the sink, on the edge of the tub. What a mess! We brought in Clutter Controllers to help. Oh my goodness, what a difference. Sheila Taylor is a master magician when it comes to organizational systems. She sorted through all of the mess & set up a storage system that months later, still works for us. It’s amazing how easy it has been to maintain. Daily toiletries are at our fingertips but no longer clutter up the counter. Packing and unpacking for travel is now quick and easy because everything is easy to find & has its own place to return to. I can’t wait to have Clutter Controllers do the rest of my house.


                                  Our kitchen pantry was messy. It was difficult to find items and hard to see what was in there. Sheila of Clutter Controllers organized our pantry by grouping like items, utilizing storage containers/organizers and labeling. It is extremely easy to use our pantry now. Clutter Controllers was a great way to start off the New Year. In our initial meeting, Sheila looked over our pantry and kitchen cupboards. She asked lots of questions and provided an estimate on project. Within an hour of our first meeting she was texting me with information on possible product purchases. I was really impressed with her getting started immediately. On the day of the project, Sheila was here early and ready to work. She asked questions as she worked so we would have a finished project which would work for us. We now have a highly functional pantry with labeled containers, several turntables and like items together. Sheila is very practical, professional, hardworking and kind. We had a wonderful experience working with Clutter Controllers and highly recommend them for any organizing project.


                                    I used Clutter Controllers to empty out my grandpa's house after he passed and Sheila was incredible. Sheila was a total professional, wasn't overwhelmed by the amount of things in the house, and got straight down to business. Her energy, positive outlook, and straight-down-to-business attitude made her easy to work with. She also had tactics to help make it easy for the family to decide what items we wanted to keep vs donate. Also, a total bonus: Sheila has a network of trusted movers, handymen, and cleaners that she has used. So, when we needed referrals to different services, she was able to recommend people. I would 100% recommend Sheila to anyone who needs help cleaning out a house or needs help reorganizing a specific space in your home.