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7 boxes of pattern blocks, 103 decks of playing cards and 11 giant foam dice….and wait there’s more! Who treasures those items? If you’re a kindergarten teacher, you do! I’ve been teaching for ~20 years and recently moved from a classroom I had taught in for 13 years. I knew I needed to purge and organize materials. With the new school year starting, new curriculum and materials, I was overwhelmed just by the thought of it. That’s where Sheila from Clutter Controllers came in to save the day! She met with me and we talked about storage containers, use of material and even traffic paths to materials. We worked together; my materials are organized in a way that I am able to quickly gather needed materials. Everything is labeled and organized (in ABC order J), even my students can access items quickly. Having the needed materials at my fingertips for my kindergarteners gives me more time for instruction. Thank you Clutter Controllers for organizing my “kindergarten chaos” into materials that are used daily!
Sheila was prompt, professional, and non-judgmental.  She made sense out of our chaos.  The whole space is so much more usable for our whole family now.


Thank you for the “before and after” photos of our studio, it is great to look at the “after” in our studio every day now.  We are very happy with Clutter Controllers, and the project you did for us, with us. 

Sometimes people just need to get help with all their “stuff”; We now see what a great investment it has been.  You were great to work with– Diligent, organized, and respectful of our space, and our property.

We are looking at a second project, maybe in our storage space, or pantry? We’ll stay in touch! 




Where would I be without Sheila and her passion for organization?  I'd still be standing at my chaotic pantry, trying to cook dinner and searching in vain for that one ingredient hidden behind a cluttered jumble of cans and boxes.  Sheila came into my home, without any judgment, and efficiently organized both my bedroom closet and my kitchen pantry.  What's more, she taught me the skills I need to maintain my new organized system, so that I can continue to benefit from her help after she is gone.  More than just organizing, Sheila implemented systems (storage containers, sorting tools, etc.) that I can use to keep these areas clutter free.  I highly recommend Clutter Controllers for any of your organizational needs, and I will not hesitate to contact Sheila again for other projects in my home.  Thank you, Clutter Controllers!


They say there are angels among us, and after hiring the two fabulous women from Clutter Controllers, I have no doubt. I was in need of nothing less than a divine intervention when I approached my laundry room in an attempt to clean and organize. I soon realized I needed help, as I was completely overwhelmed with the task in front of me.

Enter angels Sheila and Tanya, the owners of Clutter Controllers. I immediately knew I had made the right choice. I felt as though I had trusted family members in my home helping me make my way through the piles of clutter. I admit to being embarrassed at how I had let things accumulate, but these two professionals never judged, only encouraged and offered helpful advice.

They got right to work, bins and bags in hand, sorting, prioritizing, and in short order, my laundry room was in order. They finished when they said they would, charged what they said they would, and as promised, left me with a laundry room transformed into an organized work space.

Angels are known to wear halos and wings, but sometimes they carry dust mops and label markers. I am truly grateful to Sheila and Tanya for the help and I can't wait to see what they do to my kitchen!

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