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No matter how much space you have in your home, business or classroom, we can help you put it to good use by creating an organized space that works for you. Here’s how to start the process!

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We help clients across a broad range of organizational needs. If you don’t see your particular need addressed here, that’s okay! Please feel free to reach out and we’ll discuss your organization needs and goals.


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Classroom Organization

On top of the already sometimes chaotic environment that can happen in any classroom, organization takes on an entirely new meaning with the Common Core Standards in Washington State schools. The standards demand that students not only know about academic topics, but also be able to use their knowledge in practical ways as well. Although this may seem overwhelming, there are several small steps you can take to ensure your classroom stays organized so that you can continue focusing on helping your students master the Common Core Standards and its sub-dimensions of Use of Physical Environment, and Classroom Routines and Rituals. At Clutter Controllers, we have taken the time to understand the modern classroom and have worked with enough teachers to have unique insights into what they are looking for in organizing their classrooms. But, each teacher and classroom is unique. Let us sit down with you and we’ll take the time to understand your style and what you are looking for in your classroom’s organization needs.

Getting Started

Start by thinking about who you are teaching for and what they are learning. For us to really get the most out of our effort in helping you organize your classroom, we want to understand your teaching goals, and then start organizing your classroom so it meets these criteria. Let’s say you teach 3rd grade math. You want to ensure that students have a clear path from point A to point B as they progress through your curriculum. In order to do that, you will need different resources at each step of the journey and make sure each is easily accessible to each student in your class. Each teacher and classroom is unique – we want to help organize around that and at the same time, when possible, mold our organization efforts around your own style.

What Do I Need?

The following is a list of things to keep in mind when looking to put together your classroom. Knowing what you need before purchasing items can prevent unnecessary spending. Think about these questions first:

  • How much space do I have?
  • What does my room look like now?
  • What items from last year will be reused in next year’s classroom?

Planning ahead is key!

Easy Steps

First, we will work to make sure that your classroom is organized in such a way that students are able to locate resources with ease. If your students know exactly where something is, it’s much easier for them to get started on an assignment. And if they don’t know where something is? Well, you can bet that their workload will suffer and you will also deal with a student bumping around your classroom looking for what they need. In order to help prevent problems like these from occurring, it’s important to make sure your room and its resources are organized in a way that makes sense – this is one of the benefits of hiring the Clutter Controllers team.

The Clutter Controller Team Understands

At the end of the day, many teachers get overwhelmed by their classrooms. We want you to know we uniquely understand your frustrations and we know what to listen for and how to translate your teaching goals into organizing your classroom around those goals.

Let’s Get Started With Your Classroom Organization!

Fill out our Contact Us form so we can arrange a free consultation to see how we can help you organize your classroom. We will spend the time to learn about your current situation, what your organizational goals are, and then we can make recommendations regarding what kind of organization would be best for you and your classroom. We look forward to helping you with all of your classroom organization needs!